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Commitment to Quality

Quality Control

The Owners, Management Team and Employees at Avcom SMT, Inc. are committed to a superior level of quality in manufacturing and company culture.

All work is done under the guidelines of IPC/ANSI standards and ALL OUR ASSEMBLY WORK IS GUARANTEED. Our internal Online Documentation System (ODS) keeps up-to-date documentation on all projects. Corrections are completed upon notification and documentation is implemented to correct process.

Avcom adheres to the IPC 610 G guidelines to inspect all assemblies. AOI and X-Ray inspection are used within the process and final quality assurance. Additionally, we use visual inspection, including magnifier lamps, Lynx, Scienscope, and microscope equipment, to complete final quality control inspections.

If testing is needed, Avcom is able to provide functional testing.

On-line Documentation System

  • Converts most records to electronic format
  • Easy access to work instructions, process docs, customer docs, job history
  • Provides feedback, tracking and notes for each job
  • Improved document control
  • Improved efficiency

The Proof is in the Results



It is the goal of this Company to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. This can only be achieved through leadership and teamwork within the Company structure. The Management at Avcom SMT, Inc. is committed to comply with the requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system. Quality objectives have been established and are continually reviewed to provide the best possible service to our customers. Management will ensure that this philosophy is understood throughout the organization through training and open communication.

Our staff will communicate with the customer to achieve the desired results. All work is done under the guidelines of IPC/ANSI standards and our assembly work is guaranteed. Any corrections that have to be made will be completed upon notification and documentation will be implemented to correct the process. Avcom has an in-house network in place to update documentation on all projects.

The basic quality philosophy at Avcom is that the customers’ requirements will be accommodated and everyone will work so that the job is accomplished on time, without defects, ensuring no returns from customers.

Avcom's Fuji Line makes it possible to run 70-75k+ components per hour, ideal for large volume projects.