Equipment List


Avcom Equipment:

  • Lead-Free And Tin-Lead Wave Solder Machine
  • Aqueous Cleaning System
  • 10- Zone Reflow Oven
  • Screen Printer
  • Through-Hole And Surface Mount Robotic Assembly Equipment

We are able to produce high volume and prototype quantity. We adhere to IPC standards and ISO 9001-2008.



    • Microchip Promate II Programmer
    • SP-680 Universal Programmer

Placement Systems

    • Two Fuji CP-743E Hi Speed Placement Machines (up to 50,000 cph EACH / 0201 capable)
    • Two Fuji IP-III Flexible Placement Systems (BGA capable)


    • Pillarhouse Jade S-200 MKI Selective Solder Machine
    • SEHO Dual Power Wave Solder- lead free
    • Novastar Lead-free Wave Solder


    • Conceptronic HVC102,7 Zone Oven
    • Heller 1800 10 Zone Oven is combined with Terra Nitrogen generator 2700-TB

Quality Control

    • AOI Systems Inc. Automated Optical Inspection System
    • Mantis, Bausch & Lomb Optical Inspection
    • Trieber Aqueous in-line cleaning system
    • FocalSpot Insight 130 X-ray
    • Three ScienScope High Definition 1080 Cameras

3D Printers

    • Airwolf AXIOM 3D Printer


    • MPM UltraPrint 2000
    • APS Manual Screen Printer


    • Mancorp CXF-360 Radial Lead Prep Machine
    • Olamef Lead Formers
    • Conformal Coat Booth- Manual Spray Electrolube HPA05L
    • Pace TF700 rework
    • Machine Shop for jigs and fixtures
    • AMP Crimping Machine
    • Olamef SEP 1M Depanelizer
    • Acrylic Coater HAP EHPA05L